Damping-off disease (here on okra seedlings) Ⓒ A.A. Seif & A.M. Varela, icipe.

Enlarge Image . we can also use as seed treatment.

Do not select bruchid infested seeds for sowing. Metalaxyl-M and S-isomer..... 8.4% . Pre-sowing seed treatment. Crops-potato, , gram, wheat, rice, soyabean, cotton, vegetables. BUT with Seed Treatments 80 gram AI per hectare 1 spray at the end Reduction of PPP of more than 80% Benefits of Seed Treatments . It increases the quality & quantity of crops.

By its use within an appropriate time,it decreases the … Seed should be treated With P-solubilizer at the rate of 375 gram/hac.

(1978) found Acorus calamus L. oil vapour responsible for causing infecundity among the females of a number of stored grain pests. More information on Damping-off diseases. Green gram seeds (c) A.A.Seif, ... For more information on Hot-water seed treatment click here.

This is the proper spacing for the growth and development for gram. Spacing . The spacing between plant to plant is 10- 12 cm and the spacing between row to row should be 30 cm. In Orissa, India, effects of seed inoculation with Rhizobium and seed dressing with trace elements (Co and Mo) on total biomass production of mung bean and its use as green manure crop for a subsequent maize crop, were studied. Seed treatment is must for protecting the seed and for good yield. A seed treatment for the control of listed fungal diseases of field corn, sweet corn and popcorn. Enlarge Image. 2 kg/ha was evaluated on the nodulation characteristics and leghaemoglobin content of nodules and growth and yield of crops. Before sowing the green gram seed, they should be treated with fungicide Captan or Thiram @3 gm/kg of seed. 12 EUROSEEDS.EU Root fly control in Brassica: In terms of low input, coated seeds the real winner! (1976) and Tikku et al. READ THE LABEL AND PAMPHLET BEFORE USING : REGISTRATION NUMBER: 27071: PEST CONTROL … Contains 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one at 0.0135 % as a preservative. If the presence of hard seed percentage exceeds more than 10 %, scarify the seeds with commercial H2SO4 for 2 min.
Pre-storage seed treatment with some sort of protectants to avoid pest infestation during storage is an old practice. Seed Treatment. It is used for good germination seed and kills the seed born diseases. GUARANTEE: Fludioxonil..... 21% . Damping-off disease in chilli field Ⓒ A. Saxena et al. FOR TREATMENT OF CORN SEED BY COMMERCIAL SEED TREATERS ONLY .

Depth of sowing in gram is 5 -7 cm which is suitable for the germination of seed. Gram seed was found to be suitable host to pulse beetle during storage, causes loss to the seeds.

Advantages-It is eco friendly.

Method of Sowing. A. Seif & B. Nyambo, icipe.
It makes the plant healthy & increases productivity. Remove all discoloured seeds and use only normal coloured seeds (olive green in greengram).