Counseling Principles for Astrologers: Becoming an Effective Change Agent, Moon Maven Publications: Portland, OR (credit card at 425-673-4292 or $15 check to Kepler College, e-book in course) Duncan, Adrian Ross. Mr. Venkat Rathnam’s experience is the cornerstone of Vedic Counseling’s approach to counselling for close to 30 years of practice in the realms of Vaasthu, Astrology, Palmistry & Vedic Remedial Measures. The course is divided into 14 sections, and each section is centered around a series of video lectures by Chris Brennan, which present the lessons for that part of the course.

Join psychosynthesis counselor and professional astrologer Mark Jones on a journey into the healing potential of soul psychology. Each lesson consists of an audio file and pdf.

What is Integrated Vedic Astrology Counseling? Astrological Counseling Course | Fall 2019 by trustpsyche on July 31, 2019 July 31, 2019 I am beyond ecstatic to teach this course, what will be my favorite to teach as it is the heart and soul of what I am to help each of you do – be the best astrologers you can be in this world today. FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY HOME STUDY COURSE Module 1 & 2 By Barry Rosen 4th Edition Revised New and expanded; now contains 13 videos. Sarah Klein is an Astrologer, Transpersonal Counselor and Art Therapist.She has a degree in Transpersonal Counseling with an emphasis in Art Therapy from Naropa University. Authentic Vedic Astrology teachings made accessible to 21st century spiritual seekers and Yogis. Cunningham, Donna. 2014 rev. Astrology: Transformation and …

Lesson 1: The Presenting Issue. Vedic Counseling Course The Vedic Counseling course is designed to help serious Yoga teachers, Ayurveda practitioners and Vedic Science practitioners to acquire additional and practical skills to better serve their students or clients on the path of positive living and high thinking. These are meditations on Life itself. Explores a client-centered approach to astrology based on how to best serve the needs of the client who has come for a reading. Praise for the Counseling Skills Course "The Counseling Skills for Astrologers Course is a profound gift to the astrological community, for students and professionals alike. In this online course you’ll learn professional counseling skills that will help you create transformational astrology readings for your clients and friends. This complete course includes 12 lessons. This fully certified course is designed for complete newcomers to astrology as well as those who wish to consolidate their previous knowledge and reading within a structured course. Integration of ancient astrology and modern astrological counseling techniques View Enrollment Details “Before Acyuta-bhava Dasa's course, astrology seemed like a discipline that would always be out of reach and vastly complicated. This comprehensive course takes you through the history and development of Astrology and how it moved from a mainstream science to a superstition and is on its way back to mainstream science. However, it has much broader implications. 2002. Introduction to all the foundational principles of Vedic Astrology and Vedic philosophy, with emphasis on counseling rather than prediction. Online Course is Ready, Enroll Now !!! We are pleased to announce the creation of the 4th edition of our home study course taking the best of our first course and adding 13 new videotapes, which explain the original audio edition in more detail and then go deeper in applying the material with very … Lesson 2: Dispelling Astrological Myths Are you a continuing student of astrology looking to gain hands-on experience with live client readings and further develop your personal counseling skills?

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