The owner walked over, so I stuttered, “Umm, I’ll… I’ll take the apple fritter please.” She slipped the … Over 10 million donuts are made in the US each year. Bear claw (pastry) A bear claw is a sweet, yeast-raised pastry, similar to a Danish, originating in the United States during the mid-1920s.

Bear claw .

A bear claw is usually filled with almond paste, and sometimes raisins, and often shaped in a semicircle with slices along the curved edge, or rectangular with partial slices along one side. I am looking for recipes for Apple Fritters and Bear Claws.
Apple Fritter or Bear Claw. Pick a fritter. During a recent trip … You should totally pick a fritter over a donut, but that’s simply our biased opinion.

As nouns the difference between doughnut and fritter is that doughnut is a deep-fried piece of dough or batter, commonly of a toroidal (a ring doughnut ) often mixed with various sweeteners and flavourings; or flattened sphere (a filled doughnut) shape filled with jam, custard or cream while fritter is a dish made by deep-frying food coated in batter.

... Bear claw or apple fritter?

I can not convince any of the Bakers that I've met to part with their recipes of these two items. BuzzFeed Staff Strawberry frosted donut or chocolate frosted?

There were only three donuts left in the glass case: a bear claw, a glazed twist, and an apple fritter. Me neither. You don’t want to be one of the crowd. Fritters are like chameleons. Thank you in advance.

Pike Place Bakery is always our first stop when shopping Pikes Place Market.
Have you heard of a donut that you can make out of zucchinis? Hoping for a chocolate sprinkle donut, I opened the door and sighed.

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Fritters are versatile.

Pick a fritter! It’s really hard for me to pass by those great looking and tasty apple fritters, but after having one you can feel your arteries clogging.

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