Big® Pink Green Leaf Begonia will grow to be about 18 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 18 inches. Begonia semperflorens ‘Green Leaf Pink’ (Pack of 6) £ 2.95.

Unlike some plants, begonias will bloom all summer without fizzling out with the summer heat. Product Flower Feature - Heat Lover. An excellent all-round performer. ANSWER: Whether the leaves are green or bronze, all of the wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens) prefer some shade during the day, particularly in the afternoon.

Vigorous and easy to grow, 'Tophat Pink' Begonia quickly fills containers and landscapes with brilliant color.

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It lives up to its name, too, growing up to 36 inches tall.

They can be double or single petaled, frilled and a variety of colors.

The leaves of a tuberous begonia are oval and green and grow about eight inches long.


Show series availability. An outstanding variety of begonias with glossy green foliage and pink flowers. Begonias are a landscaper's favorite. Use in containers. 'Tophat Pink' Begonia boasts colossal pink flowers that are the largest in its class. Begonia 'Camouflage' Indoors or out, ‘Camouflage’ rhizomatous begonia won’t hide its fantastic flowers or foliage. These bigger-than-life hybrids let you offer the earliest colour to early-bird gardeners.

C4010, C4010P BIG Series – Even better than ever! Green Leaf Red: Vibrant flowers complement glossy green foliage. Large pink flowers and bright green leaves make Big 'Pink Green Leaf’ begonia a must-have plant in your flower border or containers. Type: Seed. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 14 inches apart.

Fuchsia begonia (sold as Begonia fuchsioides or Begonia foliosa miniata) has delicate stems to 2 feet tall, with dangling rose-pink to rose-red flowers that resemble fuchsias. Pink, red or purple color in leaves is caused by the presence of pigments called anthocyanins.

They are glucosides (carbohydrates) that are dissolved in the cell sap, which is the fluid in the cell vacuole. Great in gardens or containers. Grows 6-12" tall. Begonia 'Megawatt Pink Green Leaf' Begonia.

Red leaf begonias are true summer survivors. This easy-care variety thrives in sun or shade.

Category: Annual.

PINK GREEN-LEAF BEGONIA Begonia 'Pink' A summer to fall blooming annual with green foliage and bright pink flowers. HOW TO GROW: Plant in sun or part sun 12" apart.

Image by daryl_mitchell Tuberous begonia are grown for their showy flowers. Strong, weather tolerant plants with profuse flowering all season long. Green Leaf Pink: Vibrant flowers complement glossy green foliage. They look great all summer until fall.

HOW TO GROW: Plant in sun or part sun 12" apart.

Thumbnail: Product Flower Feature - Shade. Green Leaf Mix: A vibrant mix of flower colors above glossy green foliage. Crop: Begonia. Little maintenance in the landscape provides an extra benefit. But that's not the only thing that sets this gem apart, it makes a beautiful mound with its fantastic branching and never stops flowering. Megawatt™ Pink Bronze Leaf Begonia.