Our solution for CSA level 2 certification leverages our ISO/IEC 27001 certification process together with the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix, a specified set of criteria that measures the capability levels of the cloud …

CSA Group is designated by OSHA as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) runs a program called the CSA Security, Trust, and Assurance (STAR) registry focused on keeping your data secure in the cloud. CSP’s will find value in both 27017 and CSA STAR, with ISO 27017 being a good interim point on the way to CSA STAR if that is the longer-term goal. The maturity model brings a continual focus on addressing the changing risk of this technology, which aligns with BSIs commitment to helping clients make excellence a habit.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, and provides education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing. STAR Certification is based on achieving ISO/IEC 27001 certification and meeting criteria specified in the CCM. The CSA STAR Certification is a rigorous third-party independent assessment of the security of a cloud service provider.

Energy efficiency verification help to ensure you can meet the demands of energy conscious consumers. CSA STAR Certification is an assurance framework, enabling cloud service providers to embed cloud-specific security controls. A joint agreement was signed by the CSA and BSI in August 2012 to develop a third party certification scheme for cloud security called STAR certification. We can help bring your product to market confidently with world-class product safety testing services and solutions. CSA STAR Certification enables Pulsant to present customers with specific assurance of the security of its cloud proposition. As 27017 and CSA STAR largely cover the same ground and you can achieve both without significantly greater effort and cost. The need for more cost-effective storage and software solutions together with mobile access has led to a rise in the adoption of cloud computing – and while cloud computing has opened up many new opportunities, it also presents a number of new security risks to company information. In order to achieve the STAR Certification, a CSP must already have an active ISO 27001 certification or have the STAR … Google Cloud has achieved the third-party assessment-based certification (CSA STAR Level 2: Attestation) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and G Suite, resulting in a CSA Star SOC2+ report. Developed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) bridges this gap, by providing an additional set of controls for cloud service providers. CSA Group provides product testing services for a variety of products. Cloud Security training courses The need for more cost-effective storage and software solutions with mobile access has led to a rise in the adoption of cloud computing. CSA Group offers energy efficiency verification services to help you obtain ENERGY STAR® certification, as well as meet North American energy efficiency requirements. CONTROLCASE CSA STAR LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATION SOLUTION. Certified clients will appear on the CSA's STAR Registry. The CSA STAR Certification is a rigorous third-party independent assessment of the security of a cloud service provider. The maturity model checks a service provider's security performance against the CSA's Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) to award an overall grade. This publicly accessible registry is designed for users of cloud services to assess their cloud What is the CSA STAR certification?

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