Hey, @usermrrE462FEx, due to the nature of your camera's multiple apertures, this is the nature of your device choosing the correct thing to focus on after launching the device. Review: Samsung has Massively Improved the Galaxy S10’s Low-Light Camera Quality Since Launch. So that’s it guys for all the major things you could possibly do to Fix Blurry Pictures and out of focus Camera Galaxy S8 and S9 .

... Come meet a Samsung representative for your S10 purchase.

Although Samsung Galaxy S10 is all great with incredible features and a plethora of amazing new technologies, it could not live up to its claims of providing the best camera and image quality to its users. These are all the most common solutions for camera issues. It won't focus sometimes and everything will be super out of focus/blurry. That second module is what sets the S10+ apart from the single-cam S10. Skin tones are way off and don't look very life like. Every time I take a picture, the images look grainy, pixelated, and blurred. If you have anything to share then sound off in the comments below. The Galaxy S10+ comes with an all-new 10MP primary front-facing camera and an 8MP auxiliary unit for gathering depth data.

Power it back on by holding down the Volume Up, Home/Bixby, and Power keys. I did a software update a couple of days ago and the cameras focusing system turned horrible. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a good camera? ... Galaxy S10 Telephoto Camera Wide-angle Camera Ultra Wide Camera.

How did samsung screw up their camera software this bad? If your Galaxy S10 camera is blurry and not focusing as it should, it does not necessarily mean that it’s a major problem. I used gcam software and it's much more color accurate whilst retaining sharpness. In the last two years, we have seen the marked improvement of camera quality in smartphones. If this doesn’t help either, see if you can contact Samsung or your carrier. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S9+ camera is blurry issue. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was highly anticipated and with good reason. The Samsung’s outstanding overall score builds on a Photo score of 114 points, with the camera doing especially well in the exposure, color, and bokeh categories. You can avoid that by simply using phone cases that cancel magnetic interference and your image result will be much better. So, if you just migrated to Galaxy S10 from other Android phones, or from Samsung Galaxy phones with Android Oreo or older versions, you are facing a very different camera app.. Only an app restart fixes this temporarily. The rear camera won’t focus on a distant object using the 1 x Zoom, even tapping it many times in different angle and position. Compared to other Samsung Galaxy phones with Android Oreo (Android 8.0), there are many changes in Galaxy S10 camera app as explained in this guide.Some changes are reasonable and make things better. Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship so far had received stellar praise for its camera, design, AI and starting price RM3699 (which is way lower than some other flagship brands) and more. So in Such a case you will need to take your Samsung Galaxy in for repair. With an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 109 points, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ joins the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro at the very top of our smartphone camera ranking. Samsung Galaxy S10 is not very expert in dealing with magnetic interference and noise while taking pictures which result in blurry images. We will find out in a second time the changes that can be made to protect against the pictures of Samsung Galaxy S10 from being blurred. If a section doesn’t work, just go to the next one. Hundreds of Samsung Galaxy S10 users have claimed that the previous phones have better camera quality producing crisper and sharper images. How to proceed when the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera is blurry . Galaxy S10e, S10 și S10+ îți permit să surprinzi o lume mai vastă cu Pro-grade Multi-Camera care te transformă într-un expert. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9+ … The s10 plus camera feels very over exposed and not sharp enough in certain situations. Final Thoughts. 1. I have a samsung s10 plus btw, their "flagship" Samsung combines the primary 12Mp camera and variable-aperture lens with a 16Mp ultra-wide-angle module and a 12Mp 2x telephoto module. I would suggest clearing your device's cache to see if this impacts the speed of this feature. So, if you just migrated to Galaxy S10 from other Android phones, or from Samsung Galaxy phones with Android Oreo or older versions, you are facing a very different camera app..

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