SEVENTEEN were like PETER PAN in wonderland, (and us fans are TINKERBELL) they were always together which means SEVENTEEN and US were always together with SEVENTEEN's side. Seventeen chose the name “carat” as their fandom name because of their symbol, which surprisingly resembles the outlining of a diamond. The One - the name means that Seventeen is a one team (3 units = 1 team) and that Seventeen and their fandom is a single whole. The Western ship names for each couple are Zhanyi for Zhan Zheng Xi/Jian Yi, Tianshan for He Tian/Mo Guan Shan. It can be pronounced both CAHSHUH. The Seven Words of Arcturus (アークトゥルスの7つの言の葉 Ākuto~urusu no 7tsu no kotonoha) are seven special words that form a spell with the power to break the seal of Grand Triskellion.

"Seventeen " is the fifth episode in the tenth season of Adventure Time. diamonds are measured using the term Carat and since Seventeen is like diamonds and have a large fanbase, they consider the numbe rof fans they have is like the weight of their shining diamond. The ship name Tianshan is also affectionately called 'Heavenly Mountain' by fans, the English translation for the ship name; giving it a special and intimate meaning. this particular diamond that I speak of has a light that will … Their fans … (Thank you for information, Chae !) The BabyCentre baby name finder has thousands of ideas and suggestions. NCT now has an official fan club name! It is pronounced MAH-REE-UH.

The name Seventeen has it's meaning from the structure od the Group. On June 12, the members of NCT (NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream) gathered together for their Naver V App broadcast “NCT … - BabyCentre UK

He is the second-longest serving character on the show. A mysterious knight crashes Finn's birthday bash … It has 13 Members + 3 Units + and is 1 Team = 17! It is also a Latin name meaning empty and vain.

After a month of debut, the boys announced their official fanclub name. It is also an African name meaning persuasive and grass.

Harry was a latecomer to the Sidemen and joined around the same time he dropped out of school in early-2014 (a few months after their formation).

He got this name from FIFA and it is a contraction of the players Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw. On the show, the MCs asked why they were named Seventeen even though they only had thirteen members. It is the two hundred and seventy-first episode overall.

Their Fandom is called Carat as from their 1st mini-album 17 Carat and that their fandom will shine like a 17 karat diamond. Odafin "Fin" Tutuola is a sergeant and the second-in-command of Manhattan's Special Victims Unit.

Search baby names by meaning or origin, or discover what your favourite name means. The Chinese ship names for each couple, "炸贱" for Zhan Zheng Xi/Jian Yi and "贺顶红" for He Tian/Mo Guan Shan.

On February 14, Seventeen held an exclusive concert 'LIKE SEVENTEEN - Boys Wish' where they revealed their official fan club name, following their performances for … The Claiomh Solais has seven crystals known as the Seven Stars connected to the Seven Words. At the age of 17, he dropped out of school and decided to do YouTube as a full-time job. On July 9, the seven boys took to their fancafe and announced that the fanclub name has been confirmed. Thalassian is the language of the high elves, half-elves, half blood-elves, and blood elves — a derivative of the Darnassian language of the night elves.It has both written and spoken equivalents. In Hebrew it means cinnamon and cinnamon-like bark. 8. Maria- Maria is a Latin and Hebrew name meaning rebellious. He was partnered with John Munch from 2000-2007, until Fin was switched to Chester Lake in the middle of that year.

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