Valproate (val PROE ate) Divalproex (dye val PRO ex) sodium Valproic (val PROE ik) acid Note: Throughout this fact sheet, the medication will be referred to as valproate. Valproate for keeping people with bipolar disorder well, after mood episodes Bipolar disorder is a common and important disorder that includes episodes of depression, mixed states or mania. Bipolar disorder involves episodes of depression and/or mania.

Because the kinetics of unbound Valproate are linear, bioequivalence between Valproate Sodium Injection and divalproex sodium up to the maximum recommended dose of 60 mg/kg/day can be assumed.

17.60) mg/l. Valproate is a mood stabilizer medication that works in the brain. Since sodium valproate takes a shorter period of time to work than lithium, it may also be used as a short-term bipolar disorder treatment when rapid mood stabilization is required. Blood levels give an indication of whether the person is taking treatment as advised but are not a good predictor of response. Do not chew or crush the tablets because they have a special protective coating. Valproate (VPA), and its valproic acid, sodium valproate, and valproate semisodium forms, are medications primarily used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder and to prevent migraine headaches. Valproate sodium syrup should not be mixed with carbonated drinks because it may irritate the mouth and throat. Table 1 shows the main classes of mood stabiliser used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Based on current evidence, lithium and perhaps sodium valproate are the only drugs effective for both acute treatment and the prevention of future episodes. You should never take extra doses of the medication to make up for missed doses. Bipolar Disorder Treatment - Valproate (Depakote, Depakene) Valproic Acid, otherwise known as Sodium Valproate, Depakote, or Depakene) is often prescribed as a stabilizing medication for patients who do not tolerate lithium therapy well. Valproate seems to suppress high frequency, repetitive … Risks associated with epilepsy during pregnancy and postpartum period View in Chinese …first-trimester valproate exposure include oral clefts, as well as cardiovascular and urogenital malformations and multiple malformations . ... beginning at a very high dose -- valproate allows the possibility of significant improvement in mood as early as four to five days. Valproic acid is a prescription medicine. Ghaleiha A(1), Haghighi M, Sharifmehr M, Jahangard L, Ahmadpanah M, Bajoghli H, Holsboer-Trachsler E, Brand S. Since sodium valproate takes a shorter period of time to work than lithium, it may also be used as a short-term bipolar disorder treatment when rapid mood stabilization is required.

How is valproate (Depakote) used to treat bipolar I disorder? It will have been given to you to help keep your mood within normal limits by helping to control the episodes of mania. Divalproex sodium is a stable coordination compound comprised of sodium valproate and valproic acid used to treat manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, epilepsy, and migraine headaches. Depacon/Valproate Sodium Intravenous Inj Sol: 1mL, 100mg Depakene/Valproic Acid Oral Cap: 250mg ... [23791] In a comparative study of lithium vs. divalproex monotherapy in rapid-cycling bipolar adults, the mean dose of divalproex was 1,571 mg PO daily (range 750 to 2,750 mg), and the mean valproate serum concentration was 77 mcg/mL. You should never take extra doses of the medication to make up for missed doses. Sodium valproate and valproic acid are effective antimanic drugs with a relatively fast onset of action, particularly if the highest tolerated dose is used. Valproate v. lithium in the treatment of bipolar disorder in clinical practice: observational nationwide register-based cohort study - Volume 199 Issue 1 - Lars Vedel Kessing, Gunnar Hellmund, John R. Geddes, Guy M. Goodwin, Per Kragh Andersen They reduce the risk of manic recurrence and to a lesser extent depressive episodes. It is a mixture of two similar ingredients - valproic acid and sodium valproate. Swallow the tablets whole with a drink of water. Valproate semisodium should be taken with food, so take your doses with a snack or just after you have had a meal. Take the dose of Depakote when you remember, but skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next dose. -For patients stabilized on rufinamide prior to initiating valproate, begin valproate at a low dose, and titrate to a clinically effective dose Therapeutic drug monitoring : -Epilepsy: Therapeutic range: 50 to 100 mcg/mL, although some may be controlled with lower or higher plasma concentrations They are useful for the prevention of seizures in those with absence seizures, partial seizures, and generalized seizures.
Depression includes low mood and energy, as well as lack of enjoyment, often combined with other problems such as sleep disturbance. It's important to take it as advised by your doctor. It may be more effective than lithium for treating mania, bipolar disorder with rapid cycling, or mixed features.
However, it does not seem to be as effective as lithium for the treatment of depressive states.

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