The a lot of family will be coming to my house (20 people) and I will be running around like a turkey with my head cut off trying to get all the food ready, clean the house, and entertain everyone!!! Baked goods rise evenly, cook uniformly, are finely detailed and have delicious golden crusts due to the heavy duty walls of the pan. Increase speed and beat until light and fluffy, adding additional milk if necessary. You can use whatever cake recipe you want for this. Sure to inspire oohs & ahhs, the cake you make with our turkey pan will be the star of the table. Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan -- Holiday Turkey [Thanksgiving] Cake Pan -- Happy Bunch [Bananas] Cake Pan -- With Instructions -- 1987 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 7 offers from $14.99. I don’t mind pie but am really more of a cake person. At least it can also double as decoration for the table. Spread half of frosting over cut side of cake that is in pan. Just wanted to thank you for posting the “turkey cake!” My adult son’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year and I wanted to make a turkey theme cake for him. Heavy cast aluminum bakeware provides superior baking performance. Place remaining turkey half on top of frosting, pressing to set. Also, you can be creative and use whatever colors and tips you want to icing this cake. Nordic Ware is just the best for baking bundt cakes that there ever was! minus + Add to List. Then just follow these easy steps for a Thanksgiving Turkey Cake! The Best Cake Pans of 2020 Bake up your best desserts yet. Let stand for one hour. Whatever the case may be, rest assured there's plenty of room to improvise without one. $42.50 Quantity. ; Casserole Dish: Use the same size recommendation as a cake pan.For ceramic dishes, ensure it can withstand the temperature your recipe requires—the maximum is usually imprinted on the bottom.

Julia Warren . He has international fans now… he even has a name but I’ve been told that’s creepy so lets just call it the raw turkey cake. Nordic Ware Platinum Classic Turkey Cake Pan By Nordic Ware $29.99 Nordic Ware Platinum Holiday Mini Loaves Cake Pan By Nordic Ware $33.99 Nordic Ware Non-Stick Bavaria Bundt Pan By Nordic Ware $33.99 Sale NY Cake 3 Piece Designer Purse Cake Set By NY Cake $21.99 Sale Nordic Ware Platinum Tiered Heart Bundt Pan By Nordic Ware $39.99 FREE Shipping Cuisinart Non-Stick Novelty … This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed.

Julia Warren. This was originally created for Christmas after I had made one too many beautiful wedding cakes and needed a change. This turkey-shaped cake is a fun way to introduce a cake to the dessert table and is also fun for kids to make for Thanksgiving. I have come to expect the best performance and results from Nordic Ware and this Turkey Cake Pan has not disappointed. How about cake instead of pie this Thanksgiving? As a first line of defense, check to see if you have a large baking sheet, which can be used to roast your bird.You'll miss out on all the liquids brewing at the bottom of the pan, but your turkey may cook more evenly, since the pan's sides won't prevent the thighs from heat penetration. Cake Pan: A 9-by-13-inch cake pan is standard, though you'll want something a little larger for a full-sized turkey. Nordic Ware 3D Classic Turkey Cake Pan View Larger; Regular. Julia Warren is Dotdash's Director of Product Testing.

They Next. Written by. Nothing can quite take the place of a full sized roast turkey at the center of the Thanksgiving table, but I’ll give a close second to Nordicware’s 3D Turkey Cake Pan, which produces a beautiful turkey cake that stands almost as high as a real turkey will.The cake is baked in two halves, and when each half has cooled, they can be stood up side-by-side to give the look of a whole bird. If you enjoy baking this is the quality you desire and you can count on reliability from Nordic Ware.