In fact, uva ursi benefits the bladder and can help with conditions such as cystitis, nephritis, water retention, liver ailments, and chronic diarrhea. Colors: Green when young turning to red to pink as mature: Shapes: Rounded, smooth, fleshy or mealy, berry-like fruits about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter that resembles a tiny apple.

It helps in treating bronchitis and keeping the lungs healthy.

As mentioned, the most common use for uva ursi is for urinary tract infections and bladder related conditions. Uva-ursi Medicinal Benefits. It can cause liver damage, eye problems, breathing problems, convulsions, and death. Uva ursi is claimed to have plenty of health benefits. Uva ursi is mainly used to treat bladder infections and urinary problems. It is known that the body excretes 64-75% of arbutin in urine, and arbutin converted to hydroquinone maintains a healthy microbial balance within the urinary system. Its scientific name is Arctostaphylos uva-ursi but it is commonly called Uva ursi or Bearberry. swelling of the urinary tract. swelling of the bladder and urethra.

Bronchitis. Overview. Kidney infections. Recent years have seen a huge increase in the use of herbal teas and all natural, traditional remedies. The plant produces clusters of berries that vary in color from pink to bright red.

Traditional Health Benefits of Uva Ursi. Traditional Health Benefits of Uva Ursi.

It has antibacterial properties.

The present article provides information on uva ursi side effects and benefits. I found Uva Ursi and it is now the only thing I use if I get a UTI. Talk with your doctor before taking uva ursi.

What is Uva Ursi Used for? Uva ursi may act as a diuretic in the body, affecting levels of certain drugs (such as lithium) in the blood stream. I usually take it for 1 week to be certain the infection is gone completely. It is known that the body excretes 64-75% of arbutin in urine, and arbutin converted to hydroquinone maintains a healthy microbial balance within the urinary system. kidney infections. Native Americans used it as a remedy for urinary tract infections. Clinical data on the benefits of uva ursi for UTIs is minimal and conflicting.

Uva Ursi Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Interactions.

Uva Ursi Tea Benefits - Numerous Health Benefits . 2. Although its fruit is edible, it is only the leaves of the shrub that are used to make medicinal supplements. reducing inflammation.

Health Benefits. The uva-ursi extract is used in many ointments produced by cosmetic companies. Similar to many other diuretics, uva ursi may help lower high blood pressure.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits, Uva ursi also helps with other problems like diarrhea, muscle relaxation, back sprains, cold sores, herpes and vaginal infections. Names of Uva Ursi in various languages of the world are also given. Now, what does research say about these?

promoting healing. Urinary Tract Support, Immune Support.

detoxifying the body. It does contain the chemical arbutin. Therefore, drink a warming cup of uva ursi tea to soothe the irritation and inflammation in the bladder. Uva ursi is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth short-term (for up to one month). In fact, until the discovery of sulfa drugs and antibiotics, uva ursi was a common treatment for bladder-related infections. Uva Ursi Benefits 1. It must be consumed with prior consultation from your doctor. Infections of the kidney, bladder, or urethra (urinary tract infections or UTIs). Not only is uva ursi a powerful astringent, but it is also a potent diuretic and possesses the ability to soothe and tighten mucous membranes in the urinary tract. The bearberry plant consists of a chemical called arbutin which has antimicrobial activities. The hydroquinone derivative, arbutin, is the primary active compound that makes uva-ursi helpful for urinary tract health.

The plant produces small; stiff evergreen leaves that last 1-3 years before falling. Lowers High Blood Pressure.

Other Benefits. Uva-ursi is widely used for constipation. Bearberry(Uva ursi) Quick Facts; Name: Bearberry(Uva ursi) Scientific Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi: Origin: Northern parts of North America, Europe and Asia. Health benefits of Uva ursi are Remedy for uti, hair problems, healing wounds, weight loss, keeps the kidneys healthy, performs diuretic actions and good for skin.. Uva ursi is an herb which has vital medicinal value. Uva ursi is likely safe for short-term use in adults, but it may cause nausea, vomiting, and urine discoloration in some people. What is Uva Ursi Used for? Perhaps one of the most well-known herbs in the holistic war chest for addressing complaints of the kidneys and urinary tract is uva-ursi. Heals Urinary Tract Infections. Uva ursi is not recommended to children and pregnant women.